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How we are structured


Sir Michael Wilshaw is Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI).

He is responsible for Ofsted’s inspection and regulation services, and reports annually on the quality of education, children's services and skills in England. He is responsible for the overall organisation, management and staffing of Ofsted and for its procedures in financial, legal and other matters, including conduct and discipline.

HMCI is also the Accounting Officer for Ofsted, and answerable to Parliament for ensuring that all our resources are used properly and provide value for money.

HMCI delegates some of his powers to Directors who support HMCI through the Operations Executive Board.

Operations Executive Board

The Operations Executive Board advises HMCI in making decisions and supports him in the strategic and operational management of Ofsted. Individual members of the Operations Executive Board have specific and clearly defined responsibilities, but act corporately and collectively to ensure the achievement of the priorities set out in Ofsted’s Strategic Plan and the objectives in Ofsted's Corporate Plan.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors are responsible for the quality of inspection and the improvement of providers in their region. Each Regional Director will report directly to HM Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw. The Regional Directors will lead teams of Senior HM Inspectors and HM Inspectors (HMI), to promote improvement through inspection.

For more details go to our Directors, Regional Directors and Ofsted Board pages, or see Ofsted's senior structure chart.

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