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How to become an inspector

Ofsted operates an ‘always on’, year-round approach to inspector recruitment across all of our remits. This page details the different routes for becoming an inspector with us.

Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI)

Today’s HMI inspect, challenge and support providers to improve; helping ensure that children, young people and learners have the chance to reach their full potential. HMI posts are a unique opportunity to make a difference nationally. For further information about the role of HMI (across Education, Further Education and Skills, and Social Care), please visit www.ofstedhmi.co.uk. Through this site you will be able to learn more about the requirements of the role and register your interest for HMI vacancies or secondment opportunities.

Additional Inspector

Currently Additional Inspectors for Education and Further Education and Skills work through partner Inspection Service Providers (ISPs) who are responsible for selection and training. These are CfBT (North), Serco (Midlands) and Tribal (South). You may be aware that from September 2015, Ofsted intends to directly contract with Additional Inspectors for the inspection of education and further education and skills; therefore our providers may only be recruiting new inspectors with particular skills or specialisms. However, please see their individual websites or contact them for further information on their current recruitment and training.

We are working through the detail behind our proposals and further information will be made available via our website in the coming months. If you are interested in working as a contracted inspector for Ofsted, please visit our additional inspector page to register your interest.

Regulatory Inspector

Regulatory Inspectors (Social Care and Early Childhood) are responsible for inspection of regulated provision such as children’s homes, boarding schools, day care and childminding. To find out more about the role of Social Care Regulatory Inspector please visit the dedicated Social Care Regulatory Inspector page which can be found here. We are currently determining our vacancies for Early Childhood Regulatory Inspectors and will update our website when we have further information.

Early Years Inspector

Our Early Years Inspectors currently work through two Inspection Service Providers on both an employed and freelance basis. They are responsible for selection and training and will be able to assist with your query. Please find more information by visiting either Prospects (North) or Tribal (South) depending on your preferred location.

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