Children and families services: For Children and families services providers

Before registration as a children's social care provider

Our Guide to registration for children’s social care services will help you apply to register. The guide will tell you about the three key people connected with a registration.

  • The registered provider This is the person providing the service who is legally responsible for the registration. The registered provider can be an organisation.
  • The responsible individual When the registered provider is an organisation, it has a responsible individual who represents the organisation in its dealings with us. The law says you must write and let us know if the responsible individual for your organisation changes. You can use Form SC3 Changes to individuals and premises to let us know of the change.
  • The registered manager A children’s social care service must have a registered manager unless it is a voluntary adoption agency. The manager must apply for registration and the registration only applies to a particular service; it is not transferable.

If you want to apply to be a provider or a manager of a children’s home, then you first need to check that the law does not stop you registering. The law stops some people from being registered as a provider or manager of a children’s home, or having a financial interest in or working in a children’s home. While this disqualification only applies to children’s homes, we will also take it into account if you apply to register for any other type of children’s social care. For further information, go to our Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook and the Disqualification from Caring for Children (England) Regulations 2002.

If you want to apply for registration as a children’s social care provider, before sending your application to us you need to:

  • be familiar with the regulations and national minimum standards for the service
  • have all documents and procedures in place
  • appoint a manager and other appropriate people where necessary
  • have a Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure for everyone who needs one
  • have a health declaration booklet for everyone who needs one
  • have premises ready for the service.

Annual Report 2012/13