Become a childminder agency, childcare provider or childminder

Become a childminder agency, childcare provider or childminder

Childminder agency

From 1 September 2014 we will register childminder agencies.

Childminder agencies do not provide childcare: they register childminders who do provide care.

A childminder agency is defined as a ‘one-stop-shop organisation’ to help childminders with training, business support, advice and finding suitable parents.

Membership is voluntary and not compulsory: a childminder who does not want to join an agency will be able to maintain their independence and individual Ofsted inspection.

From early January 2015 we will inspect childminder agencies.

GOV.UK has more information about childminder agencies.

Childcare registration

Not all childcare providers need to be registered.

We register four types of childcare provider.


A person providing care for one or more children aged between birth and 18, to whom they are not related, for reward, in someone’s home – usually their own

Home childcarer

A person providing care for children from birth up to the age of 18 at the home of one of the children. The children must be from no more than two families at any one time. Nannies and au pairs are the most common examples of home childcarers

Childcare on domestic premises

A group of four or more people working with children in someone’s home

Childcare on non-domestic premises

A person or organisation providing care on premises that are not someone’s home, such as a purpose-built nursery, or a village hall. This covers private and voluntary nurseries, pre-schools, out of-school clubs and holiday playschemes

School-based early years

If you are a school that is intending to provide childcare for children who are aged two and over – not including those who are in the term in which they turn three – then you will need to register with us. Please contact us on 01633 657398 where an adviser can talk you through the process.

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