Information for parents and carers

Information for parents and carers

We provide parents and carers with as much information as possible about a provider registered with us on the Early Years Register and/or the Childcare Register.

Providers cannot start caring for children until they have a certificate of registration – they must wait to receive it and are not registered without it.

Providers must display their certificate of registration where it can be seen easily, unless they are a home childcarer – for example a nanny – in which case they must show it to you when you ask to see it.

Your local authority

You may be able to find out more about providers in your area by contacting the local authority.

Childminder agencies

From 1 September 2014 we will register childminder agencies. A childminder agency will:

  • encourage more people to become childminders
  • support training and development of childminders
  • help parents find and work with a childminder
  • improve the quality of childminding.

From early January 2015 we will inspect childminder agencies.

GOV.UK has more information about childminder agencies.

Annual Report 2012/13