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Ofsted reports in geography and materials for schools

  • Geography - Learning to make a world of difference - 4 February 2011. This report draws from visits to 91 primary and 90 secondary schools (including one special school) in England between 2007 and 2010. It evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of geography in these schools and assesses the challenges faced by the subject today. Geography was flourishing in only a minority of the schools visited and under pressure in the rest. The report describes the value of learning geography and what needs to be done to reverse its decline.
  • Geography in schools: changing practice - 17 January 2008. This report evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of geography in primary and secondary schools. At a time when geographical issues constantly make the headlines, there is some evidence of decline in provision in schools. This report shows the characteristics of good geography and fieldwork, and suggests what needs to be done to make the subject more relevant and enjoyable in all schools.

Inspectors visit 150 schools each year to inform Ofsted’s subject surveys in English, mathematics and science. Survey visits for other subjects are less frequent but continue to take place from time to time.

Case studies of good practice in geography in schools 

Improving provision in geography - 22 June 2011. This example shows how resources and training can develop teachers’ subject knowledge and skills in geography. It includes links to external resources and resources supplied by the school.

An enquiry-based approach to learning - 27 September 2012. This example highlights how an enquiry-based approach to learning, using practical demonstration, enables pupils to learn.

Excellent geography teaching - 26 November 2012. This case study explains how structured scaffolding enables students to compile detailed in-depth case studies for geography.

Improving teaching and learning using the outdoor environment - 8 January 2013. An example of a journey of discovery at two small federated schools in West Sussex as they utilise the rich resource of the outdoor environment to improve provision and engagement with pupils and learning.

A creative curriculum to support outstanding teaching and learning in geography - 18 January 2013. This example shows how a school integrates geography into teaching to create a broad and balanced creative curriculum.

National Lead

Leszek Iwaskow has been National Lead for Geography and an HMI for over 11 years. Leszek taught for 21 years and  has held several senior management positions in schools and has experience of working in both primary and secondary schools. He also worked as a local authority adviser where he had responsibility for the humanities subjects.

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