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Ofsted reports in health and social care

  • Learning from the best: examples of best practice from providers of apprenticeships in underperforming vocational areas - 15 October 2010. This good practice report examines the work of 39 providers of work-based learning, including independent learning providers, employer providers and colleges. These have been successful in providing apprenticeships in three currently underperforming vocational areas: hospitality, motor vehicle, and retail; and two historically underperforming areas that have improved to the national average in recent years: care and construction. The report describes the factors which contributed to sustaining high numbers, or increasing the numbers, of apprentices completing their qualifications, and to improving the time taken for them to do this. 

Case studies of good practice in health and social care

Effective partnership working to develop employer-responsive training: HYA Training Ltd - 16 May 2012. Partnerships are at the heart of effectively meeting the needs of learners, employers and other stakeholders. This example explains how the approach adopted by HYA Training Ltd led it to be judged to have outstanding partnerships at its recent inspection.

Intergenerational working: creating opportunities for young people through links with local providers of care for the elderly: YMCA Derbyshire - 17 January 2012. YMCA Derbyshire works with local providers of care for the elderly to provide training opportunities for young people studying courses in hospitality and health and social care. Residents and the young people have valued the opportunity to learn from, and respect, each other.

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