Independent visitors report published today

31 Oct 2012

The Independent visitors report published today by the Children’s Rights Director documents children in care’s views and experiences of having an independent visitor, as well as their views about not being offered one.

An independent visitor is a volunteer who doesn’t work for social care services, but who is there to visit and ‘befriend and advise’ a child.
The law (Children Act 1989) says that a local authority must appoint an independent visitor for any child they are looking after if the authority thinks it would be in the child’s best interests.

Overall, 29% of the children in care who answered the survey had independent visitors. Although children living in children’s homes were the most likely to have an independent visitor, the majority didn’t have one.

The most usual reason for not having an independent visitor is that one was never offered. Only one in five of those without an independent visitor thought they would say no if they were offered one. 

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