Middlesbrough council’s support for school improvement is found 'ineffective' reports Ofsted

12 Mar 2014

A third of pupils overall, and over half of secondary-aged children, attend a school in Middlesbrough that is less than good, says Ofsted in a letter published today.

Ofsted carried out an inspection of Middlesbrough council’s arrangements for school improvement between 27 and 31 January this year. This was in response to concerns about the achievement and progress of pupils in primary and secondary schools and the quality of education for young in people in training aged 16 to 18.

In Middlesbrough, attainment at each key stage remains well below national averages and progress slows as pupils get older. The proportion of school leavers not in education, employment or training is almost twice the national average, and is the second worst in the Ofsted region of the North East, Yorkshire and Humber.  

The report is on Middlesbrough's page.

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