Ofsted launches consultation on the inspection of local authority school improvement functions

05 Feb 2013

Plans to introduce a new framework for inspecting the school improvement functions provided by under-performing local authorities have been published today.

Under the proposed framework, Ofsted will evaluate how effectively local authorities discharge their school improvement functions, particularly in areas where schools are not yet good or are not improving quickly enough.

Ofsted wants to introduce the local authority inspections to ensure that all children and young people have access to a good quality education irrespective of where they live.

In a speech to delegates at the North of England Education Conference last month, HM Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said that despite year on year improvements, it was unacceptable that 30 per cent of schools, educating 2.3 million children, fell short of being good. He said that Ofsted was committed to investigating the reasons why parents living in local authority areas with the same demographics and levels of deprivation had such widely varying opportunities of finding a good school.

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