Ofsted reports back to Bristol council following focused inspections

06 Sep 2013

Following the inspections of 15 schools in Bristol in June 2013, Ofsted has written to Bristol City Council to advise it of the findings.

The focused inspections are part of a concerted programme of action by Ofsted to establish why children in some parts of the country have a much lower chance of attending a good or better school than their peers in other similar areas.

Fifteen schools were inspected during the focused inspection period 3–14 June, including four academies. The schools were all due for inspection by the end of the 2012/13 academic year and selected to encompass a range of school types.

During the inspections, Ofsted also gathered information on the use, quality and impact of local authority support for school improvement by asking additional key questions of headteachers and governors.

The letter sent to Bristol local authority has been published on the Ofsted website: Bristol City local authority page.

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