Ofsted's new arrangements for inspecting schools under section 5, from September 2009

23 Jul 2009

Ofsted’s new arrangements for inspecting schools from the beginning of September are outlined in several documents on the website. Drafts of these documents were made available during the middle of June but they have now been replaced by the final versions. The documents are:



In addition, all schools were given access to a new self-evaluation form (SEF) on 12 July. Ofsted has published a booklet which outlines one way of approaching the new SEF. The booklet is based around six steps which schools are encouraged to take and is written in the form of short activities which might be undertaken in a staff meeting.

Ofsted ran four dissemination conferences in June for local authorities and lead teachers. The presentation used at these conferences is available on the website. It gives the background to the new arrangements as well as detailing some of the main changes in the way that schools will be inspected. A colour-coded inspection judgement form highlighting where judgements have changed is also available on the website.

The SEF booklet, conference presentation and the inspection judgement form can be downloaded from the page for the framework.

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