Two in every five primary schools in Medway are not good enough

25 Jun 2013

Teams of Ofsted inspectors have today begun a week of co-ordinated inspections in Medway to find out why the city has a disproportionate number of under-performing primary schools – and whether the picture is improving.

Ofsted’s latest data from the 30 April 2013, found that almost 8,000 children are attending a primary school that, at its last inspection, was judged to be less than good. That’s 29 primary schools not providing the expected level of education to young children. This is much worse than the quality of primary schools across England and is an unacceptable situation.

Ten focused school inspections will be taking place in the authority as a result of Ofsted’s findings that the proportion of children attending a good or better school is currently well below the national average.

At the same time Ofsted will also conduct a telephone survey of a number of schools in Medway, which are not being inspected.

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