Commissioned services data analysis tool

19 Jan 2012

Ofsted developed the commissioned services data analysis tool to help with the 2010-11 Children’s Services Assessments; it is also used in inspections of looked after children.

The tool uses data collected by Ofsted from local authorities on placement of looked after children. Specifically, the data focus on those children where the local authority commissioned a placement for them through either another local authority’s services or, more commonly, through a private or voluntary social care provider, rather than place them in their own in-house provisions.

The data refer to the position as at 31 March 2011.

The tool enables the user to compare local authorities with their statistical neighbours and also to see the national figures.

The user can see the number of children placed outside of the local authority’s services; the number of Ofsted inspected provisions the placements were in; and a percentage breakdown of the overall grade of these provisions at their latest inspection (as at 31 March 2011). This enables the user to see the quality of the provision in which the local authorities have commissioned places.

Where the provision is due to be inspected by Ofsted, but has not yet been, this is recorded to the right of the main table. Where the provision does not fall under Ofsted’s inspection remit this is recorded in the box below the table.

Similarly where the data we received from the local authority did not enable us to either link the placement to an Ofsted registered provision or definitively establish that it was not in an Ofsted registered provision this is recorded in the box below the table.

The collection was a voluntary process for the local authorities and 150 of the 152 authorities returned data.

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