Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook: childminding and childcare

20 Dec 2013 Ofsted

We are currently reviewing this document and we expect to publish a new version by end January 2015.

This handbook is for childminding and childcare; there is also a social care compliance handbook.

Our Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook (CIE handbook) sets out the legal background to our compliance and enforcement work and the extent of our powers.

We use the handbook in our regulation of early years and childcare providers.

The handbook is available as

  • a suite of Word documents in a zip
  • individual Word documents.

For further information go to the Compliance, investigation and enforcement: childminding and childcare page.

Available downloads

File name File type File size
zip Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook childminding and zip 5.58 MB
word 1 1 Enforcement policy.doc word 393.00 KB
word 1 2 The legal basis of our work and our options for ensuring compliance.doc word 462.00 KB
word 1 3 Thresholds.doc word 450.00 KB
word 1 4 Decision making.doc word 414.50 KB
word 2 1a Responding to information and notification of events.doc word 479.50 KB
word 2 2 Processing information child protection concerns.doc word 433.00 KB
word 2 3 Making referrals to the Independent Safeguarding Authority.doc word 397.00 KB
word 3 1a Investigation planning.doc word 436.50 KB
word 3 2 Surveillance.doc word 470.50 KB
word 4 1a Welfare requirements notices.doc word 455.00 KB
word 4 2 Suspension of registration.doc word 647.00 KB
word 4 3a Cancellation of registration.doc word 426.00 KB
word 4 4a Taking emergency action.doc word 607.50 KB
word 4 5a Unregistered services.doc word 443.00 KB
word 4 6a Warning letters and simple cautions.doc word 419.00 KB
word 4 7a Prosecutions.doc word 482.00 KB
word 5 1a Disqualification.doc word 741.50 KB
word 6 1a Objections.doc word 427.50 KB
word 6 3a Appeals.doc word 451.00 KB
word 6 4 Legal.doc word 403.50 KB

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