The most able students: are they doing as well as they should in our non-selective secondary schools?

13 Jun 2013 Ofsted

Ref: 130118

This survey was commissioned to investigate why many of the brightest students who go to non-selective maintained secondary schools or academies fail to achieve their potential compared with students who attend many of our grammar schools and independent schools. It also looks at how these students make decisions about university applications and what support they need to be successful.

We report our findings in two parts.

  • The first considers published evidence of the achievement and progress of the most able students in the state non-selective secondary school sector.
  • The second part summarises the evidence from the field visits to 41 non-selective secondary schools during which the following aspects were evaluated: achievement; leadership; transition between schools; the quality of teaching, learning and assessment; the curriculum; extension activities; and support and guidance.

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