Business, administration and law

Ofsted reports about business, administration and law

  • Identifying good practice: a survey of business, administration and law in colleges - 23 January 2008. This report details those aspects of the provision for business, administration and law in colleges which enable post-16 students to make good progress. Between September 2006 and March 2007, inspectors visited 23 colleges which had been judged to be outstanding or good in their most recent inspections. The report gives examples of good practice and recommendations for improvement.

Case studies of good practice in business, administration and law

Using employer networks to reinforce learning: Results Consortium Ltd (working on behalf of Ixion Holdings) - 20 October 2011. This example explains how to improve the impact of learning from courses in business improvement techniques, by setting up employer peer networks to share ideas, and by using learning networks to empower groups of ex-learners to apply their knowledge to promote quality improvement.

Working in partnership with local employers - 16 June 2011. Excellent working partnerships with local businesses to help to find solutions that meet their needs.

Using business and enterprise to enhance student progression - 4 March 2011. How partnership working in an outstanding business department enhances students’ experiences.

Annual Report 2012/13