Physical education

Ofsted reports in PE and materials for schools

  • Beyond 2012 - outstanding physical education for all - 14 February 2013. This report is based on evidence from inspections of physical education between September 2008 and July 2012. Her Majesty’s Inspectors and additional inspectors from Ofsted visited 120 primary schools, 110 secondary schools and seven special schools. This report draws also on evidence from four visits to schools to observe good practice in PE. It includes an overview of findings about pupils’ achievement, the quality of teaching and the curriculum, and the leadership and management of physical education in the schools visited as well identifying the common weaknesses seen in PE.
  • Physical education in schools 2005/08: working towards 2012 and beyond - 1 April 2009. The report evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of physical education in a small sample of primary and secondary schools between 2005 and 2008 and reports on the impact of the Physical Education, school sport and club links strategy.

Inspectors visit 150 schools each year to inform Ofsted’s subject surveys in English, mathematics and science. Survey visits for other subjects are less frequent but continue to take place from time to time.