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Case studies of good practice in youth support

  • Outstanding citizenship enrichment: Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College - 12 December 2012. This example focuses on how a school developed the themes of responsible action, advocacy and representation in and beyond the sixth form. It explains how a responsive citizenship curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4 provides a good platform for citizenship in the sixth form. An ‘Interact’ club - part of Rotary International - is featured as an example of a local opportunity for sixth form students which combines business and enterprise with aspects of citizenship.
  • Routes to citizenship: Bishop Auckland College - 24 July 2012. Bishop Auckland College provides a rich variety of routes relevant to the development of students’ citizenship skills. Some feature as a discrete element of the taught curriculum, while others are embedded within college life and the enrichment programme.
  • A ‘one-stop’ service for young people affected by substance misuse: Platform Young People’s Drugs - 27 March 2012. The Platform project aims to help and support young people whose lives have been affected by substance to help themselves. It provides coherent and focused professional support, operates outreach provision across Leeds and improves the capacity of the diverse city-wide children and young people’s workforce to contribute to drug and alcohol education.
  • Motivating young people through music: Sound It Out Community Music - 7 November 2011. Sound It Out’s ‘Initi8’ project demonstrates how music can be a powerful force in inspiring young people, motivating them, building their self-esteem and helping them to progress through involvement in music projects, either as a participant or through working as a volunteer.
  • Developing an effective students union - 15 June 2011. How an effective students union can support students, help to improve achievement and contribute to the 'learner voice'.
  • Peer Mentoring Scheme: Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College - 2 February 2012. This good practice example details the peer mentoring journey undergone at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College over a three year period. It records the measures taken by college leaders to establish an effective programme. It focuses on students’ experience and reports on the impact of peer mentoring on success rates and the sustainable benefits of volunteering.

National Lead

Tony Gallagher is the National Lead, Youth Support and currently leads thematic surveys and provides policy advice in relation to youth support. He has been an HMI for 12 years prior to which he worked as a senior local authority youth and community officer and teacher. His previous work includes the management of Ofsted’s national programme of inspections of local authority youth services, leadership of Joint Area Reviews (JARS) of Children’s Services, inspections of FE, adult and community education, Connexions, youth work, the voluntary and community sector and 14-19 provision. Tony acts as an observer on the NYA board of trustees.

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