Every year we carry out thousands of inspections. We use our findings from these inspections to write our publications.

We want our publications to raise standards and influence thinking, so we focus on issues of national importance and the spreading of good practice.

Our publications are divided into six types.

  • About Ofsted
  • Annual Reports
  • Surveys and good practice
  • Statistics
  • Consultations
  • Other publications

For further information, see below.

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About Ofsted

Publications about Ofsted include strategic plans; departmental reports; and introductory reading about us and our work in inspection and regulation.

Annual Report

Our Annual Reports will tell you about our work in inspection and regulation during the year covered – usually September to August.

Surveys and good practice

This is the largest section and most of our publications come under it. Using our inspection findings, we investigate themes and specific subjects across our four remits. We frequently include examples of good practice. Note that by ‘surveys’, we do not mean public consultations.


Our statistics come from our work in inspection and regulation. We publish some statistics regularly: usually every term or four times a year. For further information go to the Statistics page.


We use our consultations to develop our work in inspection and regulation. We publish a consultation’s document on our website so you can read it and contribute your views. We analyse the responses and publish a report; this will include what we will do as a result. For further information, go to the Consultations page.

Other publications

This includes publications like our newsletters and the guide to our house style. We also have archive publications from the individual inspectorates that joined us in 2007.

Getting a publication

  • Our publications are available as a free download; most are in Word and/or PDF format.
  • We have a few priced publications available from TSO and other bookshops
  •  If you would like a version of one of our publications in an alternative format, such as Braille or large print, call 0300 123 1231 or email

Annual Report 2012/13