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  • Schools

    National Literacy Strategy in special schools 1998-2000

    01 Nov 2000Ofsted238

    This report is based on the inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of the National Literacy Strategy in special schools since September 1998. During the summer term of 1999 a range of special ...

  • Schools

    National Literacy Strategy: second year

    01 Dec 2000Ofsted240

    The implementation of the National Literacy Strategy began in English primary schools at the start of the autumn term in 1998. The purpose of the strategy is to bring about 'a dramatic improvement in ...

  • Schools

    National Numeracy Strategy: the first year

    01 Dec 2000Ofsted239

    An interim report on the first term of the strategy was published early in 2000, giving preliminary feedback on its implementation. After one year of the strategy, this second report follows a similar ...

  • Schools

    National Literacy Strategy: An Evaluation of the First Year

    01 Dec 2000Ofsted216

    This report has been scanned and is now available as a suite of pdfs. The files are very large. Right-click your mouse and save them to your computer. Do not open online This report ...

  • Schools

    National Numeracy Strategy: an interim evaluation by HMI

    01 Dec 2000Ofsted221

    This interim report covers the first term of the National Numeracy Strategy. Its publication has been timed to enable schools and those with responsibility for managing aspects of the strategy to act ...

  • Schools

    Educational inequality: mapping race, class and gender

    30 Nov 2000Ofsted232

    This document focuses on new evidence that examines how different groups share in the rising levels of attainment at the end of compulsory schooling. We draw on the best available evidence in the ...

  • Schools

    Swimming in Key Stage 2

    01 Nov 2006Ofsted

    This inspection of swimming in Key Stage 2 reports, in particular, on the standards of pupils’ attainment and progress, and the quality of teaching and provision This inspection of ...

  • Schools

    Drug education in schools: an update (2000)

    01 Sep 2000Ofsted

    In November 1999, the DfEE asked Ofsted to carry out a postal survey of school drug education programmes in a sample of LEAs. This was designed to update a survey carried out in 1998. A sample of 30 ...

  • Further education and skills

    Sports colleges: the first two years (innovation in physical education and sport)

    13 Jul 2000TSO

    Sports Colleges - the first two years draws on inspection evidence to evaluate the achievement of the first 26 Sports Colleges and to explore the role of these specialist colleges in developing PE and ...

  • Schools

    Annual Report 1998/99: Ofsted subject reports - primary

    30 Jun 2000Ofsted

    These primary subject reports complement the Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools 1998/99 These primary subject reports complement the Annual Report of Her ...

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